BBC School Report Day March 16th

imagesWhat is Mental Health?

We interviewed Mrs Watts, our Guidance and Family Support Officer on site and asked her all about mental health.

Take a listen here and hear our wonderfully insightful interview about mental health!


Living with a mental condition:

People get confused between a mental condition and mental health but they are not the same thing; Sam, Mia-Rae talk to Santi about what it’s like living with Aspergers.

What is it like caring for someone with a mental health condition?

Do you think that we are taking enough notice of children with mental health issues? Support is vital but are we taking the time to think and care about people with these issues? Jo Sanctuary  from ‘Young Carers’ chats with Christina and Chloe about how we can help and support people with mental issues.

Life as a young carer…..

Young carers take care of family members who may be suffering from mental health issues who need help to get through every day life, and play a valuable role in our society. Support for our young carers is vital and organsations like ‘Carers in Bedfordshire’ provide this essential service. Jo Sanctuary  from ‘Young Carers’ chats with Chloe and Christina about what being a carer is like and what support they get.

Food Crisis in East Africa:

Recently a severe famine has spread across East Africa and it is said to be caused by drought and conflict. Here is Louise going into more detail about the crisis, she also touches on peoples views about resources being evenly distrubuted across the world.


Future Careers:

Aviation Engineer: Visiting Hybrid Air Vehicles to see the Airlander 10

News reporter Duncan dreams of being an Aviation Engineer and has been very interested in the Airlander 10 project, a hybrid airship being developed in Bedfordshire.



Children’s Author: Interview with author Steve Cole

We were absolutely delighted to welcome Steve Cole, best-selling children’s author whose sales exceed three million copies, to our school. Young journalist, Mia-Rae interviews him on his career and what it’s like to be an author of children’s books.

New theatre company for our school in Bedford

Performing Arts is alive and well in a Bedford school

We talk to Mr Skeel about the new theatre company that he has formed for all age groups for pupils at Castle Newnham School in Bedford.


Animals and fireworks


Image credit: htpps://

Saskia and Eleonora discuss the precautions you can take to keep your furry critters safe at this time of year.

News team going to visit Airlander gets the green light

News team gets the green light to go and visit the prototype Airlander 10 inside it’s hangar in mid-January. Duncan had the idea of emailing Hybrid air vehicles and asking if we could come and see the aircraft and get an interview with an engineer. The company hopes that in around 2021 the Airlander will be able to deliver eco- freindly commercial flight.

The Airlander 10 is the world’s largest aircraft and is based at RAF Cardington. The Airlander was originally bought by the US military and only made two flights. Then the project ran out of money and was bought by Hybrid air vehicles. between 2012 and 2016 the Airlander was in development in Hangar 1 at Cardington. On the 17th August earlier this year it made its first flight. On this flight the Airlander made encouraging signs. Sadly, on the 24th August the Airlanders 150m mooring cable became free, this meant that the pilots had to make a higher than desired approach and made a heavy landing around the cockpit.

Good luck on the repairs Hybrid Air Vehicles 🙂

Image result for airlander first flight

Strange but true – have a listen to a report on the world’s strongest crab and tips on travelling when eating chewing gum…

Armistice day – A powerful silence for all.

-By Chloe, Alistair and Louise

All across the UK everyone fell silent at 11:00 hours of the eleventh month. It was a memorable service as Prince Harry signified it with an inspirational war poem. Lots of people around Britain marked their commemorations to the anniversary of the end of the war. Here is Alistair’s and Chloe’s take on the remembrance.


School Leaders:

A big number of Year 8’s applied for leadership positions this year; Chloe, Louise, Sam and Alistair tell us more about it:


Supermoon 2016

 Photo credit: National Geographic

This month you will be able to see the biggest supermoon in over 70 years.

It turns out that on November 14th the moon will be 30% brighter and 14% bigger than an average full moon. The explanation for this is complicated, the Earth’s orbit is split into 2 sections: the perigee and the apogee; the perigee is a lot closer to the Earth so all special moons like the supermoon occur then. When the sun, the moon and the Earth align at the time of a perigee, a supermoon occurs and however close the moon may seem, it is still 221,524 miles away.

It is a little known fact that supermoons appear regularly in the daytime but their brightness is not recognised.

Report by Alistair

A new year, a new chapter

By Alistair, Sam and Louise:

We would just like to welcome everyone back to our Castle Newnham Pupil News Team blog. We have been preparing for a lovely new term of news reports and podcasts throughout our holidays. We look forward to listening to all our new members wonderful ideas.

Plenty has happened in our break such as: The Olympics, the Paralympics and other major events. We hope to take on some more challenging tasks that will take our reporting skills to the next level.

We have big news; WE’RE STARTING FILMING! Due to begin soon, our news team will be taking on the big world of the camera.

Settling into Year 5:

Mia-Rae talks to Holly about her new experiences and adventures at Castle-Newnham


Did you know?

Did you know that envy is a pretty normal thing? Alistair tells us more:




Spotted any of these animals lately?

Dolphin superpods

A report by Neonta in Year 5

Do you know what a dolphin super pod is? It’s a super large group of dolphins, swimming together.

Recently tourists traveling on a ferry between between Ireland and Wales had a huge surprise when they spotted hundreds of dolphins.

The super pod was made up of around 500 dolphins and they may have been feeding on a giant shoal of fish. It was a clear morning with calm seas so the tourists on board the ferry had a great view of the animals as they came to the surface to breathe.


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Baby Rabbits near the roads

The RSPCA has said that members of the public may see young rabbits out in the fields by themselves and think they’ve been abandoned by their mother. Actually most are just out playing and wandering around their mothers aren’t too far away. The charity is now warning that people handing in young wild bunnies could be doing more harm than good as the rabbits will get used to living in capacity and they will find it harder to adapt to life in the survival on their own.


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